New Single:
Summer Love (Jan Blomqvist Remix) [2023]

Dive into a mesmerizing soundscape with Jan Blomqvist’s captivating remix of Mogli’s latest single ‘Summer Love’. Blomqvist’s distinctive style breathes new life into the beloved song, reimagining it with a dark and driving touch. His deep house production weaves seamlessly with Mogli’s soulful vocals, elevating the original track to new heights of electronic artistry. Blomqvist infuses the remix with an melancholic atmosphere that creates a contrast to the song’s themes of love and summertime elation, revealing a profound depth beneath the surface of Mogli’s uplifting original “Summer Love.”

I love the idea of collaboration. Great artistic collaboration means constantly improving your arts by pushing creative boundaries. I love Mogli´s singing and instantly clicked with her song. I really felt I could make a contribution to her wonderful piece of art. The rest is history and I hope you enjoy.

I have always embodied opposites in myself and my art. This remix is the dark to my light – it adds depth to the lightness of the original and feels like the missing piece to describe one of the best summers of my life.