. As visual albums have gained considerably more attention in the music and film industry, RAVAGE takes this inspiration while creating its own version. It’s a visual experience – the first of its kind in Germany and maybe even worldwide – telling a full fictional story in 60 minutes, linked to the messages of the songs and Mogli’s own emotional journey. This is combined with visually rich art forms such as contemporary dance and breathtaking cinematography to create a unique tapestry. It’s produced completely independent following Mogli’s DIY tradition.

. RAVAGE started out as songs, written and sung by Mogli, that helped her overcome a rough patch in her life. Writing these songs was cathartic and therapeutic for her because through them she fought her fear of being vulnerable and turned this apparent weakness into strength. During the recording process of the album she came to understand the value of its message and yearned to express it visually.

Featuring the 10 songs from Ravage, the fully-choreographed movie contains no dialogue and is neither a soundtrack to the movie nor a visual album: It’s a whole body of work that features an illuminating dystopian to utopian transformation. Blended with metaphorical dance, Ravage denounces oppression and embraces the liberation of standing out. It tackles topics currently more relevant to society than ever, like burn-out and depression, (female) empowerment, toxic masculinity, but also bravery, vulnerability and self love. It shows the power of tolerance, unity and love in an artistic way. RAVAGE inspires you to be brave enough to find your own voice, to be true to yourself by being full of compassion and love. The combination of music and visuals, the powerful performances of Mogli and her pack, the passion everyone put in, makes RAVAGE a truly unique project.

Mogli doesn’t only star in RAVAGE, she casted and developed the story and everyone involved in RAVAGE, from cast and crew to styling and all 120 extras, did it out of the firm belief in Moglis passion, idea, vision and artistry.

, Using her tight-knit group of friends as the main characters in the film, she portrays several stories of overcoming your fears. Each character represents an emotion: fear and bravery, melancholy, love, rage, insecurity and mirth. The most significant character of the story is fear/bravery, portrayed by Mogli. To her, bravery allows you to make yourself vulnerable and is the answer to finding happiness, self-love, and a path to empathy. With her story, she invites the audience to experience the different emotions with her: to grow, to embrace being their authentic selves and envision how that will lead to finding their own “pack,” too.

New Album:
Ravage [2022]