Expedition Happiness

Mogli was always loved to travel. Parts of her debut album Bird were created on a road trip through Australia but in 2016 she embarked on her biggest adventure yet.

Together with their Bernese mountain dog they crossed Canada, travelled through Alaska and drove down the Pacific Highway all the way to the southern tip of Mexico. The couple captured their whole trip on camera and shared their experience with their many followers along the way through youtube and social media – one video was seen by over 50 Million people. In May 2017 their documentation about the trip is coming to German cinema with the international release following later this year. Naturally Moglis songs are the soundtrack to the stunning pictures.

On glaciers and mountains, in the jungle and the desert Mogli found inspiration for her second album "Wanderer". Having her Piano and guitar on board made it possible to write songs literally in the middle of nowhere resulting in songs that incorporate the beauty and vastness of nature and an intimate reflection of her feelings at the same time.